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High-Speed but Low Energy consumption. Our inkjet production printers do not require heat when fixing images on to the paper, which contributes to keeping down the overall energy consumption, even when printing at maximum speed. Oil based pigment ink is used, to get this done.


The cover is like all other perfect bound products. Here too you can choose for matt or gloss laminate printed. However, the inside work is printed on inkjet printers. The advantages are a low footprint and a surprisingly low price, a small disadvantage is the number of available paper types from which you can choose.

ECO Mark


Products certified by the Japan Environment Association in recognition of their usefulness in preserving the environment by decreasing environmental burden throughout the product lifecycle, from manufacturing to disposal.

Blue Angel

Blue Angel is an environmental label that can be used only for products and services that the German government considers environmentally conscious. It has maintained independence and reliability for the world's first environmental label for over 35 years.


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  • More savings
    The cold printing technique and the economical inkjet technology ensure low production costs that can be very interesting for you. This is partly because electricity consumption is minimal.
  • More durable
    Our inkjet printers are environmentally friendly because they emit less CO2 and no ozone at all. You choose a printing solution that saves the environment.
  • Environmentally friendly ink
    The ink is based on produced soya oil, water and pigment. The ink dries through a combination of absorption and evaporation.

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