Do I have to register? what is the benefit?

You do not need an account to order but it has advantages. You click on 'login' at the top right of the start page. You can view your order history and see the status of orders that are still being processed. Your shipping and billing address has been filled in beforehand. An alternative shipping address may be entered for each order. Personal customer details can be changed in your account at any time.

I got a promotional code, how does that work?

The code can be used with every online order in the indicated period. You choose your product at 'offer' or via the product tab on the start page. In the second step of the ordering process, enter the code in the field 'Discount code'. The special action discount will be settled on the invoice that is sent later via email.

How do I order at Copyshop.co.uk?

You can order with and without an account. An account simplifies the ordering process. Click on method for an overview of the ordering process.

Can I receive a sample copy?

If you want to receive a test/sample copy, you can. Enter the order with the specifications you ultimately want. So with the correct print run and post-processing. In the instruction field you can indicate that you would like to receive a sample copy first. This sample will be sent with DPD. Keep in mind that the test path will cause a delay. If the sample copy is approved, please pass it on per e-mail stating the order number

I want to order multiple orders at once. Is that possible?

If you have multiple jobs / files with the same specifications (paper type, single-sided / double-sided, full color / black-white) and no post-processing, you can do that! Add up the total number of pages and enter it as & eacute; n order. Add the files. Note: Please mention in the comments field that it concerns multiple assignments.
If it concerns a different type of product / other specifications, you enter the orders one by one. You will then receive multiple confirmations and invoices. The orders are sent together, the shipping costs are only calculated once.

How / when should I submit my files?

We prefer to process PDF files. If you do not have PDF files, they will be converted.
Follow the steps in the ordering process, in step 2 you can attach your files.

Is your file bigger than 200Mb? Then you can best use our file upload website WeTransfer.com . On this website you can easily send files up to 2GB.

Indicate in step two that you are using transfer. After placing the order you will receive an order number. Use this order number in the description of WeTransfer.

I have ordered before and forgot my password.

Before you order, click forgot password after log in you can place your order. (the password is sent to your e-mail address)

What is the status of my order?

After logging in you can choose "Orders overview" in the menu. In the order overview you can see exactly where the job is, request the specifications and download the files. If you do not feel like logging in, click here.

When do I receive my order?

Within 2, a maximum of 3 working days we will prepare your order for you. Then we transfer the package to DPD Parcel Service. You will receive an email from DPD with a Track & Trace number as soon as your order has been transferred to them.

Files / products

My document contains color images. What should I take into account?

The quality of the printing of color images largely depends on the quality of the supplied original. Always check the resolution of your images. Always use at least 225 dpi at full size, we recommend 300 dpi. Too low a resolution leads to poor print quality. A too high resolution can make the file so large that the forwarding and processing of the file takes a lot of time.
For good image quality, it is wise not to compress the images beyond 225 dpi.
Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents
Keep in mind that Microsoft Office will bring back the images to 200 dpi. With the exception of images in EPS format.
All popular image formats can be processed, provided the resolution is high enough. The most optimal are the vector-based EPS file formats, which can be scaled without loss of quality. In case of JPEG, ensure maximum quality and minimal compression when saving.

Which files can be processed?

Preferably use only the following files:
PDF, JPG, TIFF, EPS, PS (PostScript)

Let opNote: If you save your PDF directly from a graphics program, use PDF / X standard (PDF / X3 or PDF / X1a). Choose "compatibility 1.3" when saving your files. Try to avoid layers and transparency as much as possible, this can cause problems when printing.

Merge all layers before you save or export TIFF and EPS files.

How do you receive my files?

You choose the desired product, give in the specifications. In the next step you can upload your files.

Is your file bigger than 200Mb? Then you can best use our file upload website WeTransfer.com . On this website you can easily send files up to 2GB.

Indicate in step two that you are using transfer. After placing the order you will receive an order number. Use this order number in the description of weTransfer.

What is the minimum resolution?

For good image quality, it is wise not to compress it further than 225 dpi.
In Microsoft Office documents, images are automatically reduced to 200 dpi. With the exception of images in EPS format, they keep their value. (see also: My document contains images in color ...)

How do I know for sure that I will not get a white border in my prints?

If you want the document to be "borderless", ensure a margin of cut of +3 mm. So make the document 3 mm larger than the desired end size on all sides. This is also called "bleed" named by professionals. This way you get the best result.

Why? We work with large format paper and cut your document to the format you want. When cutting the sheets, as much as possible is cut on each line, but a small deviation can always occur. Then you have small, white edges on your print, this does not give a nice end result. In Adobe InDesign® or QuarkXPress® you can easily add bleed and crop marks.

If you are not capable of creating bleed and cropmarks, mention it in the comment field. We will produces an artificial bleed in this case. In this way we can still make your documents without white borders.

Example: A4 with bleed and cropmarks

How thick is the spine of my soft- / hardcover book?

With our "Spine Calculator" (see homepage) fill in the number of sheets, spine width, cover size and the position where the back should start is displayed. Making the complete cover (P1, spine and P4) is easy. For the experienced users who use InDesign® or QuarkXPress® create the cover, the bleed is also indicated.

How should I submit my files?

Use our file upload website WeTransfer.com . On this website you can easily send files up to 2GB.

How do I create a PDF file from my document?

As from Office 2007 it is also possible to save a file directly as a PDF. Look at "save as" from the Office document to the various file options. Download and install the plugin for office 2007.

Microsoft Office 2010 has the ability to save / print files as a PDF by default.

KSee the Toolbox for the virtual printer drivers, which allows you to create a PDF from any package. Download and install a virtual printer driver. Open your document and then print it to the installed printer driver. A save dialog box is opened. Select here the directory where the pdf file should be saved and enter the name of the document.

I do not know what paper to choose.

The optimum paper type is different for each product.
Perfect bound hardcover
Here you do not have to make a choice for the cover. The cover always in color at 150g/m² Matt coated printed. This cover is then glued on a 700g/m² cardboard board.
For the inner work we advise:
Black and white (1-color grayscale) suitable papers:
White offset 80g/m² - BIO TOP 80g/m² - White offset 90g/m² - Bookprint 90g/m²
Colour (4-colour CMYK) suitable paper types:
Matt coated 130g/m²
Matt coated 150g/m²
Perfect bound softcover
In case of perfect bound softcover books, it is best to choose from the following options for the best result of the binding.
We always print the cover in color. This is what we advise for a traditional "pocket" version:
Cover: Sulphite paper 240g/m²
For the inner work: Bookprint 90g/m²
Everything full color? choose:
Cover: Sulphite paper 240g/m²
For the inner work: Silk 130g/m²
Print in 4 Color CMYK and / or 1 color grayscale (black and white)
Standard 250g/m² Cover in combination with Standard 80g/m² or 90g/m² inner work.
Print in 4 Color CMYK and / or 1 color grayscale (black and white)
BIO TOP 250g/m² Cover in combination with Biotop 80g/m² inner work.

What do I have to take into account when ordering ring binders?

The 4 ring binder is intended for A4 inner work. Our white 4cm, 5,5cm or 7cm thick ring binders (FSC-certified) have a transparent insert cover on the front and on the spine, so a personal cover can be realized. The first page of your file is printed in full color, and put in the transparent insert cover. You can also supply a file for the back, the format depends on the thickness of the file. The inner work, optionally 4 holes or 23 holes, can be printed single-sided or double-sided.

Maximum number of sheets per ring binder: ring binder 25mm thick: 240 sheets; ring binder 35mm thick: 310 sheets, ring binders 50mm thick: 500 sheets. Sheet size for the spine: ring binder 25cm: 25x300mm, ring binder 35mm: 35x300mm, ring binder 5mm: 52x300mm.

You choose option "Ring binder", and specify the number of punch holes: 2, 4 holes or 23 holes for the inner work, number of pages and paper type. Indicate in the instruction field whether the first page of your inner work can be used as Cover, and if necessary add a separate file for the back.

PUR (Polyurethaan) or Hotmelt (EVA)?

One binding method is not the same as the other. In the field of perfect bound there are two methods: PUR (Polyurethane) or Hotmelt (EVA). These are both so-called thermoplastics, a technical word for hot adhesives. They are melted, applied and then they solidified again.

The difference is in the solidification of PUR and Hotmelt. Where Hotmelt melts again when heated, PUR remains a solid substance due to its long molecular structure. As a result, PUR has a greater adhesion on hard to bond surfaces. In addition, PUR is thinner in liquid form than Hotmelt, which means that the adhesive can be better placed between the fibers of the paper due to the right fractions. Because PUR can be applied thinner, it also creates a more flexible book back. Hotmelt krijgt het dan wel weer voor elkaar om na het stollen direct afgebonden te kunnen worden zodat het gereed is voor verdere verwerking en gebruik. PUR lijm heeft 12 tot 24 uur nodig om zijn definitieve sterkte te bereiken.

Just all plus and minus points side by side:

PUR (Premium) EVA (Classic)
More expensive Cheaper
Adheres better to smooth surfaces Adheres less well to smooth surfaces
Can be applied thinner Is applied slightly thicker
The bond is firmer and more durable The adhesion can lose strength over time
Can be processed less quickly Can be processed quickly
Are PUR glue connections stronger than normal glue connections?

PUR adhesive joints have a stronger adhesion than normal glue joints. This is because PUR becomes increasingly stronger as soon as the glue reacts with the moisture from the air.


When do I receive my order?

You will be kept informed of the status of the order via E-mail. If your package has been transferred to (DPD) for shipment, the Track & Trace code sent to you.

We have not been able to accept the package. What now?

Did you not succeed in accepting the package? The order will then be offered again. If a second time nobody is present at the delivery address, the carrier leaves a card with a message of a new delivery attempt or a telephone number to which you can call.

Is a neutral package possible?

It is possible to package the order neutral. Indicate this in the instruction field when placing the order. If you are logged in when placing the order, you can overwrite the pre-filled address fields with the correct delivery address, or you can add the delivery address in your account menu. This service is free.


When and how do I pay?

Your order will first be processed and produced. The invoice will be sent by e-mail afterwards. You can then pay within 7 working days by bank transfer or PayPal, citing the relevant invoice number.

With which payment methods can I pay?

You will receive the invoice by e-mail afterwards. Transfer can be done via Bank account number (IBAN): GB98MIDL40380712125838 or send an e-mail to our administration stating that you want to pay with PayPal

I have received a payment reminder. I already paid.

It may be that the payment traffic has crossed each other. Contact our: administration or call 01527 958 004