Do you want your thesis to look like a real book with soft cover? The contents are glued in an oversized cover and then cut clean on three sides. The cover is laminated as standard for an extra look. This exclusive looking method is sturdy and durable. The document should consist of at least 10 sheets (that is, 20 pages if the document is to be printed on both sides).

Thesis softcover (basic)

Softcover basic (EVA)

EVA glue is also great for your thesis or book edition. Only not all types of paper are suitable for this type of adhesive. When calculating your edition you can only choose from paper types that can be glued well.

Thesis softcover (premium)

Softcover premium (PUR)

PUR glue gives a considerably stronger bond so pages will never let go. The disadvantage of PUR glue is that the glue needs 24 hours to adhere to the paper, so the delivery time is longer.

basic (EVA) or premium (PUR)?

The one binding method is not the other binding method. In the area of bondless binding we have two methods: PUR (Polyurethane) and Hotmelt (EVA). Both are so-called thermoplastics, a technical word for hot glues. They are melted, applied and then solidify again. look in our FAQ for more information about which type of adhesive is most suitable for the different paper types.

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