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The basic difference between flyers and folded flyers lies in the processing. While flyers are either printed on one or both sides and cut to size after printing, there is another step in fold flyers: folding. During folding, so-called fold breaks occur with the machine. Another distinguishing feature is the number of pages. Flyers have a maximum of two pages.

Flyers & Leaflets

Party or event? Promotions? We make the flyers you need. In sizes A3 (small poster), A4, A5 and A6 (postcard). Portrait or landscape. Single-sided or multi-sided. Black and white or colored. The choice is yours!

Leaflet 1-fold

With a fold, a piece of paper becomes a folded flyer. A folder flyer is generally kept longer by. We can print in the formats A4, A5 portrait / landscape or A6 portrait, single or double-sided.

Leaflet 2-fold

We produce folding flyers in various standard and special formats. The most popular folder flyers are 6-sided folded flyers in long size; 4-sided folded flyers are also frequently requested in A4 and A5 size. The selectable fold type depends on the number of pages of the flyers. The 1-fold, in which the fold is made in the middle of the sheet of paper (so that the edges or sides are parallel to each other), is only available for flyers of 4 pages. From a scope of six pages, one fold is no longer sufficient, and accordingly the type of fold changes. Frequently used here is the so-called wrap fold or zig Zag, which is not folded in the middle of the sheet of paper, but this is divided into third (tri-fold) and folded.

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    Choose a heavier quality paper (from 150g/m²) and go for 4-colour CMYK.
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